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Green Tinkerbird rediscovered in southern Mozambique

by Hugh Chittenden & Greg Davies

Green Tinkerbird

These are the first photos to be published of this uncommon species that also occurs in E Africa …

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African Crowned Eagle feeding on a monkey

by Hugh Chittenden

This large impressive raptor is undoubtedly the most powerful bird of prey in the forests of Africa and easily capable of flying with a fully grown Vervet Monkey…

Dune Soap-berry Deinbollia oblongifolia

by Geoff Nichols

Walk through any patch of coastal bush along the coastal belt of KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape to around East London and you are likely to find a Dune Soap-berry …

The temperate forest loving Orange Ground-Thrush

by Hugh Chittenden

The two ground-thrushes in southern Africa occupy completely different forest habitats …

Interesting Crombec roosting site

by Guy Upfold and Hugh Chittenden

The following photos were taken in August 2008 on the western shores of Lake Ngami …

Colour Management Basics

by Guy Upfold

This is an overview of Colour management for a basic understanding of colour in photography…


by Hugh Chittenden, Derek Coley and Guy Upfold

Gorgeous Bush-Shrike rates as one of the most strikingly beautiful woodland birds on the African continent …

The Montane Bone-bird!

by Hugh Chittenden

Bearded vulture Gypaetus barbatus or Lammergeier as it used to be called, is the only bird in the world that can survive almost exclusively on a bone diet …

Eastern Nicator

by Guy Upfold and Hugh Chittenden

The shy and elusive Eastern Nicator is one of the most interesting sand forest birds in lowland forest in southern Africa …

Leucistc Bronze-winged Courser at Bivane Dam, Vryheid, Zululand

by Duncan McKenzie

An interesting sighting and possibly the first record of a Leucistc Bronze-winged Courser Rhinoptilus chalcopterus …



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